Apply for an Endowment Grant

Grant Applications

This is our 29th year of soliciting endowment grant requests. The ELEEF Board of Directors have allocated up to $50,000 for funding grants. In order for this process to remain effective, we need your help. Specifically, we need the insight, input and perspective of our teachers to be reflected in the form of a grant request that identifies unique programs, curriculum and materials that will motivate students and stimulate learning. Application deadline: May 31, 2024.

How We Evaluate Grant Requests

Our criteria for evaluating impact grant requests is as follows: (I) The program should impact a broad number of students; (II) The educational enrichment resulting from the grant should be long lasting; (III) The school system should be committed to maintaining the program; (IV) The program/program requested would not normally be funded through the annual school budget; (V) No renewable, licensing fees will be funded; (VI) No athletic equipment will be funded. Especially related to (III), we are requiring a signature from the Superintendent on all impact grant applications.

Application Form

Please provide us with as much detail as needed to support a solid understanding of your request including the ideas, goals and objectives of the request, as well as any required supplies, resources or materials required to facilitate the project or program.

    Primary Applicant

    Mailing Address

    Project Details

    Please explain the value of the project to your students.

    How long will the project have an impact on your students?

    How many students will be impacted by the project?

    How you will assess the impact of the project. What are the goals, objectives and hoped for outcome of the project?

    What is needed for the project? Please include the types, quantities, full costs, and potential sources of the needed materials or resources.

    What other funds may be available to you for the project?