What Our Grants Have Funded

Every year, we provide grant funding to teachers in the East Longmeadow public school system for programs that are not covered in the school budget. Some of the ELEEF programs in schools that we have helped fund include:

  • Robotics Programs at All Grade Levels
  • iPad Learning Labs
  • Smart Boards
  • Document Cameras
  • A 3D Printer
  • Listening Centers and Storyboard Sets for Reading
  • Computers
  • Software
  • Microscopes
  • Telescopes
  • Math Games
  • Career Planning Technology and Guidance Materials
  • Maps
  • A Music Theory Program
  • Classical Literature
  • Chemistry and Biology Equipment
  • Library Resources
  • TV Studio Editing Equipment

Learn More About Past Grants

Click on the links below to see exactly what our grant program has funded since 1996.