The East Longmeadow Educational Endowment Fund (ELEEF) was established in 1995 and funded by parents and local businesses as a non-profit, private foundation focusing solely on improving the quality of public education in East Longmeadow.

Each year, ELEEF expects to give grants to educators for the purpose of enriching the student experience by funding “extras” that are not covered in the school budget. Previous programs include, but are not limited to, robotics programs at all grade levels, iPad learning labs, smart boards, a 3D printer, listening centers and storyboard sets for reading, computers, software, digital microscopes and telescopes and TV studio editing equipment. While our new website is currently under construction, we invite you to kindly donate or apply for funding below.

Grant Applications

Due June 1, 2022

This is our 28th year of soliciting grant requests. The ELEEF Board of Directors have allocated up to $50,000 for funding grants. In order for this process to remain effective, we need your help. Specifically, we need the insight, input and perspective of our teachers to be reflected in the form of a grant request that identifies unique programs, curriculum and materials that will motivate students and stimulate learning.

Our criteria for evaluating impact grant requests is as follows: (I) The program should impact a broad number of students; (II) The educational enrichment resulting from the grant should be long lasting; (III) The school system should be committed to maintaining the program; (IV) The program/program requested would not normally be funded through the annual school budget; (V) No renewable, licensing fees will be funded; (VI) No athletic equipment will be funded. Especially related to (III), we are requiring a signature from the Superintendent on all impact grant applications. Please note that all applications must be submitted by June 1, 2022.